5 Reasons to go with Book-Reading habit

Why People Should Love Book Reading as a habit with Inspiring Book Reading Quotes Images

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A few months back, I had come across an Instagram Post (IGTV) by Bollywood Celebrity Sonali Bendre about her love for Book Reading and How books played an important role (like a security blanket for herself) in her life (positively). It was impressive. She has a Book Lover Community also on social media @sonalisbookclub.

The present world is advanced with digital technology making a great use and impact in our daily lives and book reading isn't an exception. Readers are more inclined to e-books because of justifiable reasons.

It was an inspiration and say a soothing and meaningful directive to grow a love for books, as there are multiple significant reasons to do so. 

Though I'm not a Bookworm or keen to have Books all the time around me, Still, I'm developing an attraction within for the same as content writing is my passion and profession.

It's amazing to see the love for books--the net annual revenue of the U.S Book Publishing industry was 25.93 Billion U.S Dollars (2019 stats by Statista.com)

We have activities that are required to get included in our lives, as daily life with personal or professional purposes can be boring when the track is the similar one, we are always experiencing. So, good habits or extra-curricular activities that could leverage our feel for real happiness, enthusiasm boost, a nurturing of a unique element, or say sharpening of an existing skill.

I have listed 5 Major reasons to nurture a "Book-Reading habit" (Why people should read books?

Accepting and Overcoming Challenges

At the time when you had read the book and the book in which you have engrossed yourself these days, do you see any special difference? If yes, then it may be easier for you to read and understand in comparison to the last experience with reading. 

The activity we like, if we increase our efforts, in the right way, then the difficulties seem easy. And, it's a gradual process to reach perfection. And to do this, we have to present ourselves to the challenges, they have to be understood, only then there is a way to overcome them.

This is how our reading habits try to show the personality inside us, pulling towards positivity, it directs from a complex structure of content to read and understand easily with time and dedication.

You have Goals to achieve

You have decided to read a book, you are scheduling your time slots, the way to segment the section(s) to read, and you are ready to have a committed attitude. Think for a moment-- What have you done? You're setting a goal, you have a deadline with yourself, your dedication is asking for discipline and a target to achieve. Am I right?

A goal is a dream with a deadline- Napoleon Hill

The habit of reading suggesting your spirits to look at your goals--completing a particular section, turning towards the next, that is what happens with other aspects of our lives. For Success--Goals and deadlines are important to create a structured framework wherein we will be working hard and making an achievement as desired.

Educating and connecting with updates

Have you ever wondered why you read books? Do you aim for completion only? I believe- No. You must be trying your best to take away the bulk of knowledge the book is offering. And, the type of knowledge isn't specific, it depends on how you're with the understanding and liking for the content. But, you are getting educated and updating your existing skills. Isn't it.

There's a lot happening around us (Data reveals 70 Million Blog posts get published a month on WordPress) impacting in greater or lesser changes with aspects that were completely different earlier. This makes a reason to let ourselves get involved with the habit of reading and will support in keeping ourselves with necessary updates.

This video can help further.

Helps in Recalling memories

The above explanation mentioned growth with extracting knowledge. But this point is emotional.
Maybe your parents have told or taught you something inspiring from a book they liked. Maybe your life has changed to some extent through that reference or it has been a means of inspiration for you completely. And in this present time, you are reading the same book or you have thought of reading it or you may have already read, still, you are intending to give credits by reading them or to rejuvenating the memories you always cherished with your loved ones or the parents.
It's recalling the memories, it's making you happy and more to relaxation. The study suggests recalling happy times or memories enhances one's well-being. Isn't that awesome? I feel it is.

Keeping yourself away from Negatives

Let us emphasize for the core reason- When you're with books, you don't feel lonely (books can be your friend) or say with any interesting activity, you have a companion in some sort or the other. The basic meaning is to keep you engaged and when you're engaged with something of your choice, you don't let your thoughts involve negative approaches or negative emotions and the actions will remain under control.

It's not always bad to be alone--because- Being alone or a solitary life can also help with well-being. But, there're times when harmful dominates helpful while we do a Negative Self-talk, it has a possible Toxic Effect on our well-being--this Article reveals.

You aren't limited with insulation from negative thinking only while reading, you have much more to gain, few are already expressed in the above-mentioned points. Am I right?

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