Greet the Day with Early Morning Sunrise. Know Why?

Rise Early in the Morning to Greet the Day for Multiple Benefits

A chaotic lifestyle in today's modern countries is-Typically 

  • Tethered to technology resources (Stats reveals people check their smartphones 58 times on average in a day)
  • Fooling ourselves with thinking to do everything we're being offered, 
  • Keeping a strict shortage of prioritizing the real-life moments, 
  • Boosting sources that encourage pollution (in variety), 
Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment-Buddha

We're struggling to counteract the piling up of stresses (we're into the Tyranny of creating a Constant Contact for which we're uncertain). 

Competition (a burden of placing lack of achievement and rapid steps to accomplishment), materialism, and Social disparities have dominated our freedom to extract time "with ourselves". Isn't it required to mention:

Everything has an upside and downside-The time they're wonderful and the times when there's the heightened workload. Being Urbanized isn't unfair but leading to be a part of a depressing world can't be a wise selection. Am I Right? The solution lies in nurturing creative talent and setting ourselves fit.  Research studies in the past have suggested greater mental stress in urban cities compared to rural areas.

How people are taking measures to reduce Stress?

Working under pressure with ongoing stress is alarming and experts have warned for the serious health implications (mental and physical)-Current "Epidemic of Stress". Though dissolving all stresses at once can't be a realistic goal for many but consistent sincere action is required and people are taking measures to reduce stress in their lives like:

  • Creatively segmenting a bulk load of tasks to execute (a better organizing skill to prioritize what's first and what's for later).
  • Focusing on spending quality time with family and friends to rejuvenate happy moments for "yourself" ultimately. 

What're yours? ( MENTION in the comments below)

Early Morning Rising

Sadhguru (Jaggi Vasudev)-a well known Spiritual leader, Visionary, Author, poet, and founder of "Isha Foundation" from India, in a Video interview, said "You'll always see people who wake up early in the morning are of different quality and people who sleep late and wake up late are of different quality. Have you noticed?" with benefits of Early Morning rising.
Also, A collaborative study by the University of Exeter and Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) based on the connection between Genes and body clocks (published in "Nature Communications") have indicated-"Night owls’ are at greater risk of mental health issues (like schizophrenia and decreased mental well-being) than the "Early Risers".
I hope- it's convincing-Being an "Early Riser". If not- I've placed a summary below about the benefits of Early Morning Rising (for your reference):

Starting with a Study that observed better marks scoring by early morning risers students than night owls. Better sleep patterns with early risers can lead to more Organized and energized actions (morning positivity) due to a rested mind (a restful last night sleep) which results in timely and easy approaches for subsequent tasks like morning exercises (yoga, aerobics, etc. with feel-good hormones) in-time breakfast & Lunch (lowering chances of eating high-carb or fatty stuff), commuting early skipping peak hours traffic jams, timely Lunch intake, even the pre-defined schedule for an evening gym workout. Improved Physical and Mental Health boost productivity and quality work as you're allowing yourself to unwind which helps in setting & achieving goals.

Why "Welcoming or Greeting the Day" is a consideration?

Things could be uncommon and may not get the required importance, they deserve. The Title of this article post is emphasizing "to greet the day" and this's an important aspect to consider-Early morning Sun Rise as a Daily ritual in our lives.

Popular Author F. Sionil Jose lines say "When I wake up every morning, I thank God for the new day." During our school days, we had a prayer meet (morning assembly) with a soothing song to sing in a group thanking God for everything and the new day for which we're moving again. What does it suggest?

Greeting or Welcoming the day can have the benefit of getting enlightened with our kind thoughts and feelings for "being fortunate" to have a fresh chance with a commitment to:

  • Rectify which wasn't fair in the past from our end.
  • Reviving the enthusiastic spirit we're carrying within.
  • A commitment towards-Making the best possible use of all my energies and skills to develop myself as a better person.
Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all the others-Marcus Tullius Cicero

How individuals show Gratitude in their Daily Lives?

Showing Gratitude for being Grateful has different means for different individuals at different times for different concerns-Some would love to send Good Morning Wish with kind words on an attractive background or even a simple text message. Did you made it today or making it regularly (Please mention it in the comments below).
A sticky paper with a "Thank you note" for your spouse or a simple surprising hug without any special reason can bring a positive infusion in relationships. 
A voluntary approach to appreciate and acknowledging other's efforts even offering a free favor for them is a strong indicative kindness.
To more uncommon steps-Smile towards life instances without complaining much in return, even if difficulties are dominating along.

How showing Gratitude is relevant to"Greet the day with Early Morning Sunrise"?

In a way-You are grateful for a new day with new strengths and aims to accomplish and moving along with strong positive thinking for every step coming ahead, leading your thoughts to get inclined for "being thankful with a Kindness". 
There's evidence to support this reason is - A study suggesting fewer negative emotions experiencing by grateful individuals, and those persons are more satisfied with their lives. Isn't that Great to "be grateful for being thankful"?

An Inspirational Story to guide the meaning and impact of Kindness

The ongoing Novel-Corona Virus Pandemic has drastically impacted our lives on Personal, Social, Economic, and Health grounds. The challenges are severe and every nation is trying its best to combat the disease. The Lockdowns around the world made things for us with diverse grades of struggles to face and many have contributed to relax those for the sufferers. One such name is Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood who stepped forwarded for stranded and jobless migrants during lockdown to reach their homes (many have covered thousand miles journey on foot in different parts of the country-reports says). His kind initiative isn't limited-He and the supporters/contributors to his Philanthropy tasks are providing medical assistance for the needy and Employment opportunities to settle down their life on track again.

Video Credit: Film Companion (a Youtube Channel)

To his extraordinary efforts for the others, he is poured with blessings in return-not just from the ones whom he helped but the people across the nation who have great words for him and I think that makes one's enthusiasm to grow further to take such initiatives.


We must not ignore taking small steps for incremental achievements to bring a hard meaningful change and shifting our behaviors to longer goals (Research suggests the same). Practicing "Greet to the day during Early Morning Sunrise"  can act as an early motivator to discourage roadblocks that aren't allowing your inputs to bring even a little change from no change.

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