Are you serious-Being Underestimated can be good? Know How

Do you feel dependent on others' perceptions to showcase your capabilities to the world? Is it fair enough to reside in a bounded arena of intentional assumptions? 

Why a feel of getting underestimated is dominating? Can we find a way out of the emerging odds?

Advantages of Being Underestimated

Yes- I feel- Transforming a negative aspect to a super positive gain can precipitate. And, the required inputs are simple!

An article caught my attention with a striking observation- There're Symptoms of social media envy. It's amazing to see- how competitive human behavior can spin. 

Though it's natural to think about missing superority and extra-large comfort for our lives, a tendency to compare or to get jealous for a probable showoff by others (on social media especially) can harm our peace. Voluntarily we're bounding ourselves to feel inferior or an empty convenience that others are enjoying. Am I right?

Genuinely we're underestimating ourselves. We aren't focusing on our rather fading our possibilities for something great to happen. A wise and better way is to gain motivation that if we fall short of the mark, we're ready to start again.

Why we underestimate ourselves?

The world is exponentially competitive and staying ahead is a strict challenge to survive. Can we afford to shy away from an opportunity? I hope not at all. The task isn't tough for those who don't hesitate to accept stress and challenges. 

Still, many of us are afraid of accepting criticism and bound to a habitual regime of gaining praises and admiration forever. 

Discouraging ourselves from an unnecessary comparison with others, ignoring their time factor and hardships. This allows a serious distraction of focus from reforming our capabilities. Is it Okay?

A research paper (by Jacquelynne Eccles) suggests an individual estimate a task's worthiness for himself/herself. I think it reflects a probable intensity of interest and hardship one would infuse to accomplish it.

Below I've mentioned 4 reasons or ways to reflect "Being Underestimated has advantages" 

Introducing a Surprise

You're at the new job, a defined group is dominating with decisions but you're the part with equal freedom but getting underestimated for the reason-You will take time to adjust. Nothing to worry about- It's natural.

But a constant underestimation about yourself needs to get blocked. Forefront contradiction is not the only solution, a silent involvement to achieve a designated task is a far better choice.

Irrespective of the things against you or not, Don’t restrict yourself for momentum. The intensity of the caliber and zeal of motive's accomplishment is your responsibility. Once it's done, you're exceeding other's expectations with a surprise and it's inspiring and motivational at the same time for both ends.


Overlooking the opportunities to find the better among the odds isn't fair. Cultivating Inferiority within for probable reasons (you're not sure for) is simply a negative mindset because you're allowing domination by assumptions and What's the result-Minimizing your abilities. Am I right?

Boost-up an enthusiasm with a positive thought that you're with all the possibilities for a given task. Break the popular belief by surprising them- You made it.

Opportunity for Correction

Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts-Nikki Giovanni

Experience is simply the name we give our mistake-Oscar Wilde

Have you noticed a lesson in these sayings?

The second quote is following the first one. Isn't it?


We make mistakes, it's natural. But, the significance lies in a fact-When we're admissible and learned a lesson from a mistake, and moving further with the required modification in a task, it turns out to be an Experience. Isn't it wise

The future will have the least possibility of repeating the same mistake.

When we're underestimated, we can revisit within ourselves-what could be the reason? It's not suggesting in any ways that you should always take things seriously ( as we aren't sure about the way criticism is intended) but a brief overview can allow a hidden gap to get corrected.

Like in a team, people are aware of your expertise and you know this-Still-You aren't trusted enough. Their own doubtful approach towards you could be the possibility (It's partially unintentional). With time, you can be on the list.

By avoiding the domination of criticism and ignorance, your self-esteem can stay safer. Use criticism constructively and allow sufficient time to build-up an enthusiasm by revising skills, we can rise above odds (through continuous learning). The best thought a mind can occupy.

Dissolving Negative Thoughts

Studies in the past have shown that positive emotions broaden our perspective with the encouragement of identifying opportunities amongst adversities.

Why can't we stick to a pattern of posing a great challenge to our negative thoughts in many possible ways to derive the greatest benefit for our happiness and joy. It is possible. 

My thoughts have reasonable stuff-
"I can do well to move ahead because I can plan with research for substantial reasons, and there's a scope for support whenever I need it." A positive inclination towards a growing perspective is critical to open our minds to explore and build valuable skills, we already possess.

Negative emotions force you to forget the opportunities you can utilize rather they tend to divert your focus to a single concern (like fear, anger, and stress).

Once we're with positive thoughts exclusively, getting underestimated (for which we're always unsure) turns out to a casual approach and it's a win over negative thoughts. Isn't it fair?

Recognizing a Special Skill

OMG! I have an excellent feature and I was unaware of it. 

Does that happen anytime in your life?


When I started to blog and freelancing, I wasn't aware of the multiple complexities I'm going to face soon. There were strict and unavoidable challenges, but continuous learning for exclusive issues coming across the blogging journey (Technical or Personal) made me establish a thought that I CAN.

Learning has significance when it has an application. How a skill would work is doubtful until it's working. And, it will work reflects confidence with a strong backup of the knowledge gained. Am I right?

Remember- The joy that promotes the exploration and creation of new skills is forever, once we're determined to reform the same if things aren't going as desired. The day will come with a Success you always dreamt of.

Bruce Lee's words "A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at." has a strong hint to carry a momentum that leads to work-in with all possibilities and hardships. Within the journey itself, you will learn multiple tools and hacks to make things easier and reaching the desired destination (I call it a success and starting point of another destination).

This enlightenment is nothing but "Recognizing a Special Skill" which is now out to flourish. Overcoming accumulating speculations or assumptions is a boost and suggests a strong caliber you're possessing. 

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