What's special to consider "Beauty in Simplicity" for our lives?

Are we drawn to simple things? Is it natural?

Can simplicity suggest energy and strength with less stuff in life? Is this the real "Beauty in Simplicity"?

Why Beauty in Simplicity is special for our lives

In today's stressed lifestyle of chaos, we love being in nature. Nature is a healer (can reduce anxiety, insecurity, etc.)- Viewing scenes of nature boosts up pleasant feelings and allow ourselves close to a better physical and mental well-being. We tend to find simplicity in nature's scenery. Isn't it?

Simplicity is nature's first step and the last of art.

Philip James Bailey saying is justifying the significance of simplicity. Am I right?

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My personal experience noticed- When I post short and simple text with meaning and relevant simple background imaginary on my Social Media Page-the viewer's interaction is more compared to long texts and colorful backgrounds.

Surfing the internet, I tend to read stuff that is easy with language, clear with fonts, and non-distracting with surroundings-I think this keeps you away from getting distracted easily (possible distractions from outside).

A Research study published in Sage Journal suggested- Consumers' willingness to buy products was twice with fonts easy to read compared to the hard ones.

People like things-Simple and easy-To understand them better with a simple thought process. Maybe the quality of simplicity in ourselves can restrict ego to inflate and allows the right path with wisdom to land at a solution. 

Have you ever observed- When we're engaged with a bulk of people around us for a longer time (say a gathering), we feel exhausted at one point and start looking for a corner, where we can be with ourselves. This's an intention to carry simplicity out of chaos. It impacts positively.

Beauty in Simplicity is special
A regular intention of finding the Essence of Life with peace of mind and the feeling of wholeness in life can be achieved by "being Simple at Heart". Keeping unnecessary desires and nonfulfillment results in dissatisfaction and unrest in life.

Stick to the basic moral values by staying simple-One can ignore the glittering of immoral activities. Simple living can lower one’s social profile or status is a truly insignificant consideration to think about. A transitioning for an easier life with a required satisfaction favors an opportunity to become wise with an ability to deal with unfavorable circumstances (An open mindset with positive infusions is great support).

As humans, Our tendency to consider something is biased to easier ones-But-When we're confused with a situational stress-factor playing-We look at individual components that themselves hint at the complexity and make it difficult to understand.

Expect a sustainable future for ourselves by lowering consumption habits and adjusting satisfactorily with a little (or a lot) less. Life can get hard anytime, it's uncertain-  Giving yourself Grace could be tough but can be delivered when you leave unrealistic expectations. Limiting and re-evaluating what your possessions mean to you and their influence on your life can help in making up decisions.

When we're letting perfection dominate our lives, the more complicated inputs precipitates and suggests opportunities for stress to enter.  Affirming yourself with simple awareness there's "Beauty in the Simplicity" can change the story.

Before winding up-

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated-Confucius

Conclusion- Control is in our hands, we're responsible at large for the inputs and outcomes. Complex to easier or the reverse is a matter of mindset and positive thoughts to apply within actions.

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