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Health and wellness Tips, Suggestions for Summer season

Before moving to the actual content, a brief needs to be placed for:

Why Season Changes (Source- Wonderopolis.org)?

Consider two important movements of "The Planet earth" we live on:

  • An imaginary axis (Earth's Axis) between the North and South Poles ( One full day i.e 24 Hours)
  • Giant Oval path (Earth's Orbit) around the Sun (One year i.e 365 Days)

Note- Earth is slightly tilted on its axis.

And, on which hemisphere (half of the world) you're located, can be towards the sun or away from it. This suggests, why Summers and Winters. I hope the concept is clear.

Reasons to love summers (in short)?

Nature is kind and offers the best we can enjoy the most. Summers could be a fabulous feast for the senses who are quick to catch a glimpse of a meadow of flowers teeming with life, attracting birds, colorful butterflies to look out for, holidaymakers to the hills with landscape blessings to witness or seashores retreats with low tides.

Though the choices differ-some may find summers frustrating due to scorching heat, irritating sweating, Electric load-shedding, dehydration, and a lot more to think a fuss for.

You can expect suggestions about the following concerns, from your loved ones (family/friends/colleagues) to take care of  while summers are about to begin:

#1 Take out your Sunglasses

Realize their importance more than as a Fashion accessory for our fragile organ-Eyes. Still, the majority of people don't understand that Sun's UV radiation exposure is harmful (a poll by Vision Council on 10,000 adults revealed only 1 person out of 6 mentioned eye health as a concern for wearing sunglasses) and can contribute to Cataracts and severing Glaucoma when there's long-term exposure. 

High-quality sunglasses (labeled as blocking 99-100% of UV rays considering other major factors) should be a selection.

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While Driving or carrying an outdoor adventure-you need to protect your eyes from the sand, wind, and dust enter that can cause irritation, itching, or scratching of the cornea.

#2 Don't Skip Sunscreen application

Though Ultraviolet Radiations are stronger during summers, their application should be preferred for the whole year. Know why this is an important summer health tip-

  • Clouds don't block all UV rays (Up to 80 percent of the sun’s rays can pass through clouds). So, don't assume that you won't get a sunburn on a cloudy day.
  • A research study by Brigham Young University (BYU-Nursing College) found a high risk of developing Skin Cancer in college students during dead winters-As UV Rays reflected by Snow and Ice along with non-usage of sunscreens and using tanning beds (too often)
  • Higher Altitudes, nearly 25% more UV radiation exposure can be expected when compared to sea levels (think about your vacations at hills).

In Addition (and to a striking highlight)- The ozone layer (absorbs UV radiation in the upper atmosphere) has been depleted and the risk of harmful UV rays is increased.

Sunscreens (as a backup measure) can lower the development of Skin cancer (Do you know- Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in the USA), prevents premature aging, reduces/prevents Skin discoloration/dark spots, and breaking down collagen thus decreasing sagging and wrinkles appearing on the skin.

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Prevention is always better than a Cure-True “sunblock” is unrealistic but applying known and recommended measures from experts (like a broad-spectrum, water-resistant, sunscreen with SPF-Sun Protection Factor should be 30 or above when you're on external outdoor activity-recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation) in time can be a great help.

#3 Keep yourself Hydrated

Both Hot (body itself tries to cool down) and Humid (excessive sweating) weather conditions during summers can lead to dehydration which is characterized by loss of water and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride)/salts (with crucial roles) further leads to heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and sunstroke (can be dangerous or even fatal If not tackled with early measures).

To combat dehydration, an ideal fluid replacement is required in-time like intake of fresh juices, Rehydration drinks (with Electrolytes), Coconut water, and not to forget-Up to 60% of the human adult body is water-So, Drink water throughout the day (As per The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, a healthy adult on average requires 3.7 liters a day for men and 2.7 liters a day for women.

Do keep a notice of this suggestion and imply when the conditions persist.

#4 Prefer Intake of this dietary stuff

a. Beverages to take during summers:

Butter Milk: It's an easy to prepare, diluted version of curd (churned) and excellent summer drink alternative to high-sugar, unhealthy beverages. It helps in process of digestion, keeps you cool from the inside (soothe the stomach), feel you hydrated.

Tender Coconut Water: A suitable choice as a summer drink which is found in abundance with Coastal regions, also available in non-coastal regions these days (even at Grocery stores-online & offline) is rich with water content (94%) and with vitamins (A & C), minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, manganese, and magnesium)

b. Preferred Fruits for summers:

Watermelons: "Summer's blessings" it's been known as. Rich with Vitamins (A, B6, C), Minerals (Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium) magnesium and large amounts of potassium), Anti-oxidants, Amino Acids, Lycopene (a phytonutrient). Its intake-apart from hydration-can provide better cleansing of kidneys, bone health, eye health, lowering blood pressure, and prevents the excess accumulation of fat cells.

Oranges: An immunity-boosting Citrus fruit that comes in multiple-varieties and easily available-is packed with phytonutrients (to act as an antioxidant) vitamin C, anthocyanins and polyphenols, soluble fiber, potassium, and flavonoids helps in keeping the body hydrated (rich with water content) digestion (digesting rich and fatty foods).

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c. Vegetables for summers:

Broccoli: What makes it a suitable choice in veggies during summers-Rich in vitamin C ( boosts immunity), high in fiber ( supports digestion, reduce chances of overeating and constipation)  flavonoids (supports Vitamin C recycling), special phytonutrients (aids with detox process) copper and zinc (for a healthy skin-care), and carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene.

Try: Easy & Healthy Broccoli-Apple Salad and Broccoli-Almond Soup

Cucumber: With a high content of water with Richness of minerals (potassium, magnesium) and dietary fiber (good for digestion), helps in lowering blood pressure (in juice form), acts as a coolant for the stomach, It can lighten our skin and reduce skin tanning (due to its anti-inflammatory effects when it's applied in a juice form)

The list of fruits, beverages/drinks, and hot weather vegetables is long. There is a number of other stuff that can aid efficiently with your summer concerns about yourself and your loved ones.

#5 Take Bath Regularly

Have you ever suggested someone struggling with anger or anxiety or confusion "Go and take a bath or shower and feel relaxed"? Why so?

Bathing has positive mental and physical benefits suggested by a survey conducted in Japan on bathing practices (Immersion & Showering) where they found- Physical refreshment with Shower bathing and Physical and emotional benefits for improving quality of life with immersion bathing.

You can consider Summer baths as the best self-care hack that can offer body relaxation, cooling down of mind and body, can support in relieving bloating (feeling of a tightened stomach), reducing inflammation and sunburn.

Though warm bathing has multiple benefits ranging from physical supports (wound healing, relaxation of muscles and joints) and mental achievement. But, during summers majority will like cold water and it does offer benefits like help in the stimulation of blood circulation, feeling of getting energized and refreshed at the same time, boosting the immune response (increase in WBCs), relieving stress by providing relaxation and thus reducing chances of aggravated depression and to an extent helps in weight loss.

As published in Harvard Health- The time and frequency (daily or weekly) of taking shower depends and each one has its own Pros and Cons.

#6 Get rid of the body odor

A piece of writing titled-"Armpit Psychology: The Science of Body Odour Perception" caught my attention with valuable information- How the smell (bad or good) is perceived through Olfactory organs (at deeper levels) and the signal is perceived by the brain. 

A body odor has a role in our daily lives and we encounter the related experiences within Gatherings or at personal levels (smelling bad and checking for armpit at fault-Am I right?) And, you'll be suggested to move with a measure to get rid of this smell.

When bacteria (on the skin) break down the protein (in sweat) into acids then the body starts giving off an unpleasant smell. And, we sweat a lot in summers (or during workouts/exercises and even when we're nervous, stressed, or in anxiety. Though an unusual body odor could indicate signs of various other underlying bodily conditions (one needs a Medical Consultant asap).

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The Home or Natural remedies could include (Info Source)the use of Vinegar (natural antiseptic), application of a mix of gram flour and curd (before bath), A bath with Aromatherapy (sandal oil, or rosewater), a combo of coconut milk (fresh) and an extract of grapefruit, Add water boiled with mint leaves to the bathing water, dried bael (Wood Apple) leaves can be an alternative to regular soap.

A well-known and handy method is-Application of Deodrants.Depending on the type and quality of Deodrants-(Info Source) They can help with providing instant freshness, some are with antiperspirants (for those who sweat more), which can be bactericidal, add fragrance.

#7 Plan your Travel

We can prioritize this point with 2 major concerns:

1. Escaping Intense Sunlight
2. Skipping Peak Hours Traffic

Do you know with a larger degree of the angle of incidence (angle formed by rays of sunlight hitting the Earth), Sun's intensity (radiation) is high as less area of Earth is covered. At Noon, Solar radiations are most intense. The study suggests--One should limit themselves to sun exposure between 10 am and 2 pm (If inevitable--Use the above measures for prevention).

Planning a perfect time for your travel or daily commuting (usually inevitable) is also required for the reason of avoiding traffic jams or traffic congestion during peak hours especially.

Suggestion: Be an Early Morning Riser with significant benefits.

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