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You'll find the best and quality collection of Text (Captions) and Picture Quotes (Wallpapers) for a diverse range of topics/subjects like Motivation, Inspiration, Success, Peace, Positive, Nature, Health, Fitness, Mindfulness, Business, Money, Fashion, Lifestyle, Love, Relationships, Friendship, family, kids, Women Empowerment, Social causes, Famous People, etc.

Regular updates of attractive and eye-catching Images of Greetings (Daily & Special) for Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night wishes/messages with meaningful quotes and sayings by famous people to share with your loved ones on social media or text-messaging apps and for your websites or blogs.

And, Short and Long-form articles concerning various aspects of our lives and their significant aspects to get inspired and to convey motivation who all deserve the same.

Who is the Author and What's the mission?

I, Deepak Sardana, a Healthcare graduate with a passion for content writing and crafting quotes for multiple topics.

I have a strong affinity for Inspirational words and stories. I do surf the concerned stuff regularly. I've quotes-theme dedicated social media pages at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr.

This made me start with this quote Weblog.

My obvious and intended mission will always be to frame a quality collection of content ( Images/Texts) to spread the word for inspirational and motivational flow via a diverse range of concepts and concerns.

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